This agreement (“Agreement”), dated as indicated by the “Agreement Date” below is entered into between the party indicated in Table (1) (”Merchant”), and Hatem Al-Sharaki Foundation (Offers Round) Commercial Registration No 4030431203 Al-Salama Distraction, zahar al adab Street 3519 Jeddah Saudi Arabia.


A-   WHEREAS, Offers round is a provider of marketing and promoting services that integrates with processes of Merchants, enabling their customers to purchase goods and services with discounted prices and easy  way for some products.


B-   WHEREAS, Merchant wishes to enable their customers to purchase goods and services using offers round services; and.


C-    WHEREAS, Merchant wishes to integrate Offers round’s software and any other required facilities into their locations "branches" as referred to in Table 1 of this agreement or other point of sale pursuant to the terms of this Agreement.


I- WHEREAS, both parties have agreed that electronic signature on PDF format copy of the contract is valid and will be followed.

E-    IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties here to have caused this Agreement to be executed as of the date first written above by their respective officers thereunto duly authorized.

Offers round Services Terms & Conditions

NOW, THEREFORE, the parties to this Agreement agree as





 1.1- The rationale set forth in this Agreement shall be construed as an integral part of this Agreement.

1.2- The following terms used in this Agreement shall have the meanings:

shown in front of each:

- Merchant: the establishment contracted with for the purpose of advertising and promotion.

- Customer: The user of the Offers Round services for the purpose of pre-purchasing products before reaching the point of sale of the merchant.

- Offers Round: The enterprise provider of promotional services.



2- Services of the Offers Round Foundation.

- 10% commission of sales subscription package allows merchant to display products and services with branches locations, with one condition making at least daily discount for one product. In return, Offers Round is committed to add merchant foundation logo in home page of offers Round website and application, also Offers Round will be committed to make promotional advertising campaigns for merchant products and services.

Note: the advertising media will be provided by the merchant.

-3 Warranties, and Covenants

3.1- Offers Round committed to provide the service 24/7 except in the event of force majeure reasons beyond our control such as: political violence, including war and terrorism

civil unrest, revolution and armed insurrection; And the impossibility of executing contracts as a result of government actions

and recent regulatory changes, including cancellation of licenses and impossibility of contract execution due to pandemics, other governmental measures related to public health, regulatory changes, or in the event of sudden technical failures.


3.2- - The merchant is Committed to complete the sale process when the customer comes to the point of sale to receive his order, unless there are reasons beyond his control, such as power outages, etc. And incase there is out of stock allocated  quantity for sale at discounted prices because of wrong data entry, compensation will be made To customer in point of sale of merchant makes discount on any other product that is close to the previous product in price and available with same previously announced discount rate and same quantity.


3.3-merchant have right to refrain of selling incase the customer did not appear within 30 minutes of order submit time, or didn't call to confirm his attendance to receive the order.


4- agreement duration and termination

4.1- This Agreement effective date at the beginning of this agreement and shall continue effectly for a period of one year, unless terminated as provided in this paragraph below.



4.2-This Agreement is automatically extended for one year on each date of

Anniversary dates after paying the annual subscription.


4.3- The service can be stopped by Offers Round after giving two days' notice before stopping the service in case of:

- Merchant's non-compliance with the terms and conditions of this agreement.

-Repeated complaints from customers against the merchant more than once and the merchant's failure to correct his practices to customers.


5- Return and exchange policy

5.1- The value of the subscription is not returned in case the merchant request from Offers Round to stop the service after payment and signing agreement, but we will stop the service and delete his account after receiving written signed notification by e-mail.



6- Financial transactions and payment method

6.1- The process of payment for purpose of buying and selling between merchant and customer in Offers round platform is directly between customer and merchant. With deducting 10% as promotional percentages and commission for Offers Round, and payment should be at merchant's point of sale.

6.2- Merchant's return and exchange policy only will be applied.

  merchant's return and exchange policy, which is approved by the Ministry of Commerce in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is applied.


7- General provisions

7.1- Separability of provisions. In the event that any condition or provision of This Agreement is invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any

jurisdiction, the invalidity, illegality or inability to

Enforcement shall not affect any other term or provision therein and shall not make it so

The condition or provision is void or unenforceable in any other jurisdiction.


7.2- Confidentiality. The parties hereby agree not to share copies

of this Agreement or any details relating to business transactions arising between

the parties hereby without the express written permission of the other party,

Unless such disclosure is required by applicable law.

8- Governing Law and Jurisdiction

8.1- This Agreement and any claim arising out of or relating to it and the Transactions shall be governed by

expected under the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and construed in accordance with them.

8.2- Each party hereby irrevocably and unconditionally accepts this Agreement

to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and agree that

Any lawsuit, litigation or judicial proceeding may be brought in court

competent in the Kingdom.

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